One Blue Dress, Seven Ways

One Blue Dress, Seven Ways

I challenged myself to create seven days of outfits out of a single, super cheap blue dress I got on Amazon. How did I do?

First, the dress in question:

a simple blue dress.png

I purchased this dress on Amazon for about $25! It arrived in two days! It has pockets! It’s machine washable! SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS. Bonus: As the product description so helpfully points out, it’s “Fun to Wear!” 

Product Description: Fun to Wear

And now… the outfits…

OUTFIT ONE: Go, Sailor!

One Dress, Seven Ways – Outfit 1, Sailor

(Pro-tip: It might help to listen to Go Sailor by Go Sailor while you look at this one.) This is what I would wear to commandeer a ship. Who would dare defy me in this getup? NO ONE.

What I Added:

OUTFIT TWO: Almost Minimalist

One Dress, Seven Ways – Outfit 2, Almost Minimalist

I would love to be one of those super sleek, minimalist ladies who always look timeless and chic, but, omg, I LOVE stuff. Spangly, shiny, sparkly stuff! So, I added these fancy earrings for a little extra “me.”

What I Added:

  • charcoal turtleneck sleeveless tunic – Gap
  • grey, faux suede trench coat – Zara
  • charcoal OTK wedge boots – Stuart Weitzman
  • sparkly earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane on Net-a-Porter


One Dress, Seven Ways – Outfit 3, Outdoorsy

I don’t care for camping, but I do enjoy a nice walk in the woods. Trees. Creeks. Maybe a nice squirrel to settle near me and share meaningful glances with. That sounds alright. Here is an outfit I would wear for such an occasion.

What I Added:


One Dress, Seven Ways – Outfit 4, Casual Day

Hey, look! Sneakers! They make me so sneaky. Sneaking here and there and everywhere. I put on these shoes and get up to nefarious doings.

What I Added:


One Dress, Seven Ways – Outfit 5, Sporty

I am dabbling in bold color combos lately, but find myself always bringing in a neutral because I am a coward. Womp womp.

What I Added:

OUTFIT SIX: A L’il Bit Country

One Dress, Seven Ways – Outfit 6, A Li'l Bit Country

I am from Texas. I enjoy denim jackets and neckerchiefs. Don’t judge me.

What I Added:

  • light pink scarf (a xmas gift from Ben!) – Hermes
  • paladium scarf ring (a birthday gift from Ben!) – Hermes
  • light pink denim jacket – H&M
  • navy suede maryjanes – Camper

OUTFIT SEVEN: Color & Texture

One Dress, Seven Ways – Outfit 7, Color & Texture

And, finally, I found that I had a jacket that was almost the same color as the dress. So, yeah… that. Plus, this awesome handmade scarf/necklace hybrid that is super convenient for someone like me, who is allergic to most metals. 😦

What I Added:

And just in case you’re a glutton for punishment, here are all the individual images for these outfits:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sooo… what do you think? How did I do?

I must say, this was a great exercise to go through – fun and challenging and effective at making me reconsider my go-to outfit scenarios. Still, there’s definitely room for improvement/innovation/experimentation. I’ll keep working on it. 😉


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