One Red Dress, Seven Ways – Part One!

one red dress seven ways

Remember that time I challenged myself to style one blue dress in seven different ways? People really responded positively to that post, and, as an individual who craves external validation, I thought I’d take another stab at that formula. In fact, I thought I’d take two stabs.

So, this time, I challenged myself to style a single red dress – same make and model as the blue one – in not just seven, but 14 different ways. To make it even more difficult, I prohibited myself from using any of the items – shoes, accessories, jackets, etc. – from the previous challenge.

How’d I do? You tell me! Here’s Part One!

The red dress in question:

One Red Dress.png

Like the previous example, I purchased this dress on Amazon for under $30! It arrived in two days! It has pockets! It’s machine washable! It’s “Fun to Wear!” 

Product Description: Fun to Wear

Amazon product descriptions never lie.

To the outfits!

OUTFIT ONE: Tan–Talizing (No, I’m not a dad, but thanks for asking!)

red dress with grey sweater and tan otk boots

For this outfit, I channeled my inner college student. Well, maybe not my inner college student, but an idealized version of a college student – one you might see in Lifetime movie. Maybe she gets her heartbroken by her high school boyfriend but finds strength, independence, and sisterhood after she reluctantly joins a sorority.  You go, girl!

What I Added:

OUTFIT TWO: I’m Beginning to Question Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion

red dress with sequin top.png

I LIKE SEQUINS. I just think they’re neat. I especially enjoy these particular sequins that you can rub in different directions to change colors. It’s like a sophisticated version of a hypercolor shirt. Sequins are terrific and we should all wear them all the time.

What I Added:

  • sequin top – River Island
  • denim jacket – Gap
  • red leather sock boots with little stud thingies – Topshop

OUTFIT THREE: Cruise Director

red dress with white poplin wrap blouse

Maybe cruises get a bad rap. I mean, yeah, there’s all the crashing and the food-borne illnesses, the waste and pollution and the mindless tourism, but there’s also shuffleboard! This is a terrific outfit in which to play shuffleboard!

What I Added:

  • maxi-twilly scarf – Hermes
  • gold mors scarf ring – Hermes
  • white cotton poplin wrap blouse – Gap
  • gold metallic booties – Tipe E Tacchi on Yoox


red dress with sweatshirt and sneakers

You know what I don’t do? Sports! But that doesn’t mean I can’t dress like I do. I can dress however the fuck I want. You don’t know me.

What I Added:

  • black mesh mock-neck top – Forever 21
  • blue cropped sweatshirt (I cut the neck off for reasons) – H&M
  • “No Pants” enamel pin – PINTRILL
  • “Valentine’s Day” Insta-Pump Fury sneakers – Reebok

OUTFIT FIVE: I Am Your Filipino Aunt

red dress with cream shell and mesh undershirt

When I put this outfit together, I said to myself: “This looks like someone’s Asian aunt.” And then I realized that I am an Asian aunt. So, I’m pretty sure I can get away with wearing this.

What I Added:

OUTFIT SIX: I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay

red dress with plaid shirt and navy vest

Did you know I own a plaid shirt? Did you know I own Dr. Martens? These are unusual additions to my wardrobe and I’m pretty excited about them! I feel like I’m growing as a person!

What I Added:

  • plaid flannel shirt – Old Navy
  • navy sleevless jacket – Halogen on Nordstrom
  • hand-tooled leather clutch – vintage
  • butterscotch “Leona” boots – Dr. Martens


red dress with red sweater

Not a ton to say about this outfit other than I am SO EXCITED for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. JUST GIVE IT TO ME ALREADY.

What I Added:

Soooooo… whaddaya think?! I really tried to create variety and push myself to make new combinations while still being true to my personal tastes. The real test, of course, will be wearing these outfits IRL. I’ll let you know how that goes in future posts.

In the meantime, stay tuned for PART TWO! A whole new set of seven outfits built around one red dress is yet to come!

Hope you’ve been having a frank and productive holiday.



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