Challenge #4: Many Happy Returns

Just posted a new challenge to FMTCD. I’m honestly genuinely curious as to how many folks will return items to others. People are nice, I guess… but how nice?

follow me to certain doom


The Challenge

Attach a note to a common office item asking for its prompt return to you/your desk. The more items returned, the more points you earn. (Bonus points for odd and unusual items.)

The Catch(es)

  • Items cannot belong to you
  • Items must be found in acommon office area accessible to everyone (not on a colleague’s desk)
  • Items cannot be living creatures
  • Items must be restored to the their rightful places/owners at the end of the challenge
  • Player vs. Player sabotage is allowed. See below.

The Points

  • Get an item returned to you – 25 pts
  • Receive a message about your item (e.g.,”I think you left your leaf blower in the conference room.”) from a Non-Player Colleague (NPC) – 10 pts
  • Have your note destroyed – -15 pts
  • Email hey [@] followmetocertaindoom [.] com, or post and tag (#FMTCDchallenge) a pic of your labeled and/or returned item to

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