I Got This: Patrizia Motta Platform Sandals


Remember how I said I was going to take the time to fish out all my unworn and/or forgotten purchases and show them a little love? Boom. I am doing that shit. First entry!

I got these sandals for some kind of crazy bargain on Yoox. I haven’t worn them yet. I was going to make excuses, but decided against it. I am going to wear these suckers… tomorrow.

Take that, me!

Letting My Hair Down

RedFloralDressI have a habit of always putting my hair up in some sort of claw or clampy thing. I adopted it when I was taking public transit and/or walking to work all the time and just didn’t want my hair blowing in my face all willy-nilly. But, it’s gotten to the point where my hair is almost always up and that just needs to stop. Why even bother having such long hair if I’m just going to pile it on top of my head for none to see?

I’m going to make an effort to wear my hair down at least once a week. If I can’t do that, then I should probably just cut it short. Deal?

Anywho, wearing yet another Leota dress and another pair of Stuart Weitzman boots (this time with a wedge heel). Kinda felt like the print of the dress was too busy to add accessories, but perhaps a solid white scarf would have been a nice addition. Next time…

Big Plaid Scarf

Plaid Scarf

This scarf is ginromous. It is pretty much a blanket. It has its own zip code. Lesser scarves are trapped in its gravitational pull, only to be crushed, devoured, and absorbed into its own supermassive core. You do not wear this scarf, it wears you. It is also plaid.

In a bit of a hurry this morning. Wearing another Leota dress (I love Leota dresses… so comfy), Calvin Klein jacket, Stuart Weitzman boots (again), and a big plaid scarf from the oldest corners of the universe.

Pink Panther Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flat


Once upon a time I didn’t believe in flats. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledged that they existed. They were just for other people, not for me. To my mind, the sorts of people who wore flats were the same sort who might show up at your house unannounced. Or, who might ask you to water their plants while they’re at Burning Man. Or, who might invite you out to lunch, but could you pick them up? And, since you’re driving anyway, would you mind driving them to run a few errands? And, did they mention their cat has to come along because its been vomiting a lot and they need to keep an eye on it? Those tricky flat-wearers, treading so quietly in their no-heeled shoes, pouncing out of nowhere thanks to exceptional arch support and multi-surface traction, destroying your otherwise perfect day of solitude and the absence of cat vomit with their sneaky, sneaker-wearing ways. Bah! 

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The Wayback Machine – REPOST: OMG A Post About Shoe Care

To spruce up this new blog with a little content, please find below what proved to be a surprisingly popular post on my now defunct self-improvement blog which I started…oh, about this time last year. Ha…. That’s not gonna happen with this blog. No, sir. […shifty eyes…]

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to be when I grew up was 5 foot 9.

The first of many adulthood disappointments, I only grew to 5 foot 7.

To compensate for my shortfall [heyo!], I wear a lot of high-heeled shoes. As you may have read in a previous post, I really enjoy looming over others — just standing there, kinda menacingly but with no expressed malice. I am also keen on the fact that one’s shoe size remains fairly static, however one’s weight may fluctuate. In summary, shoes are awesome and we should all buy a bunch of them. Yay!

Anywho, in the dual interests of protecting my investments and making them bearable to walk in, I have assembled the following tiny arsenal of products…

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Stretching Some Shoes

Over the weekend I chanced upon some wicked awesome shoes. They had so much going for them: They were bright orange! They were platform wedges! They were 60% off retail! But, as luck would have it, the last available pair was a half size smaller than my usual. Undeterred, I tried them on. The length of the footbed matched my foot just fine, but the shoes were so tight at the vamp that I could barely squeeze my toes in, leaving my heel dangling off the back. I bought them anyway. Hey, I figured this would make for an excellent opportunity to document how exactly I go about stretching some shoes. Also, omg they’re so cute and make me so tall. 

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Closet Organization

Outfit posts are on hold while I figure out how to take a self-portrait. There doesn’t seem to be a good space in the house for it and the back yard attempts failed utterly due to poor lighting and a general lack of photographic know-how.

So, today I offer a little peek into my closet and how I’ve chosen to organize it. My closet is, for the most part, chaotic but for the few little havens of organization I’m sharing today. 

I have a little arsenal of products I like to keep on hand in case of emergencies: products to keep bra straps from falling or boot necks from sinking; products for cleaning and buffing and polishing; products for generally keeping one’s appearance tidy. At some point I will do a post about my favorite products and their uses. It will be thrilling informative.

Did you know that the average woman will spend $25,000 on shoes in her lifetime and will own around 470 total pairs of shoes? I did, and to this I say: We really must do something about heart disease, because women must be living some exceptionally short lives. Shoes > leading killer of women FOREVER.

Anywho, I like shoes. I like looking at them almost more than I Iike wearing them. The pictures on the boxes help.

BELTS. When I think of my belt rack I think of that scene in Wayne’s World where Stacy (Wayne’s ex-girlfriend) gives him a gun rack as a present. “A gun rack? I don’t even own A gun.” Not too long ago, I didn’t even own A belt. Something mysterious and unsettling has happened since then, I guess, but the net result was BELTS.

Yes. Fascinating stuff.

No more posts.