Can Fatty Wear Horizontal Stripes?


Yeah, I think I can!

I am not usually a fan of stripes. There’s something sort of juvenile about them to me. Juvenile or prison-y. Stripes belong on children and old-timey, keystone kapers inmates. 



This dress gets a pass, though, because the stripes are not true stripes – they’re all stylized and wiggley. Maybe all this busy busy is what’s helping me get away with the look. That, and the blazer to streamline my more troublesome areas. Overall, I’d say it works out.

Bonus: Shoes I’ve never worn are being put too good use! It’s bizarre how perfectly they match the dress.

[Wearing: H&M blazer, Vince Camuto dress, Patrizia Motta shoes]

I Got This: Patrizia Motta Platform Sandals


Remember how I said I was going to take the time to fish out all my unworn and/or forgotten purchases and show them a little love? Boom. I am doing that shit. First entry!

I got these sandals for some kind of crazy bargain on Yoox. I haven’t worn them yet. I was going to make excuses, but decided against it. I am going to wear these suckers… tomorrow.

Take that, me!

Crazy Hair, Don’t Care


I think I’ve mentioned before that I always put my hair up when I know I’m going to be outside for any length of time. The above is what happens when my hair thingie breaks on my way home.

To be honest, it’s not a half-bad look. Maybe a little frizzy, but I do love myself some big hair.

P.S. A post with my hair down means one more week without cutting my hair. Woohoo!

[Wearing: Michael Kors dress, Taryn Rose sandals, Mimic Designs clutch.]

Stretching Some Shoes

Over the weekend I chanced upon some wicked awesome shoes. They had so much going for them: They were bright orange! They were platform wedges! They were 60% off retail! But, as luck would have it, the last available pair was a half size smaller than my usual. Undeterred, I tried them on. The length of the footbed matched my foot just fine, but the shoes were so tight at the vamp that I could barely squeeze my toes in, leaving my heel dangling off the back. I bought them anyway. Hey, I figured this would make for an excellent opportunity to document how exactly I go about stretching some shoes. Also, omg they’re so cute and make me so tall. 

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