OOTD: Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving OutfitIf everything goes according to plan, I’ll be spending most of the Thanksgiving holiday in some variation of jammies – jammies with a jacket to go get some coffee, jammies with some slippers to head to the fridge, jammies and a blanket to catch up on some Netflix. Jammies with some jammies to sit and think about jammies. Jammies.

Anywho, I reckoned I should get a little dressing up in before jammies-gedon. I wore this yesterday to go pick up a turkey and gather provisions.

Outfit info and a closer look at this awesome Redbubble print behind the cut. 

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OOTD: Matchy Matchy

matchy matchy dress shoes bag and belt

I may have overdressed for going out to coffee. More than anything, I felt a smidge disturbed by how matchy-matchy everything was and reverted to jammies as soon as I got home. (It’s Sunday! Don’t judge me!)

BUT, I was very pleased with the knot I tied in my belt. Close up of that, plus outfit details, behind the cut.

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