San Francisco Animal Care & Control

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San Francisco Animal Care & Control is San Francisco’s “only open door animal shelter that accepts any animal – in any condition – of any temperament. SF ACC is responsible for the City’s stray, injured, abandoned, neglected and mistreated animals – of all species – and wildlife. All varieties of animals are available for adoption daily.”

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Secret: Team Building Exercises Are Sometimes Awesome

Last week, our company had a team-building afternoon consisting in a mission-based scavenger hunt that took us all over San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. It was a long, hot day full of not entirely welcome silliness, but, truth be told: there were some pretty enjoyable moments. My favorite is shown in the images below. Our team (Team Razoo Dazzle!) was asked to depict ourselves in our best possible and worst possible moments as captured by the paparazzi.

At our best.

That’s right. Loving life.

At our worst.

I honestly think we should have won the game on the strength of these pictures alone.

I feel tremendously fortunate to have been behind the camera for these pictures, and think the world of my teammates for their commitment to the project: Hillel face planted in some playground sand. Kids pee in that stuff. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

Fort Point v.1

Ben and I have recently started going to Fort Point/Crissy Field on the weekends. We walk around, watch the doggies playing on the beach and make up little stories about what the dogs are saying/thinking. “You’ll never catch me, losers! Wait, catch me!” Or, “Throw the ball, throw it, c’mon, throw the ball, omg throoooowwwww it.” Or “This water is so much colder than I expected. I regret all my life choices!”

I wonder whether people hear us and think we’re insane.

We just miss having a dog, you judgmental jerks. Dang.

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