Factday Friday: Xmas Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time for joy! A time for merriment! A time for total factual accuracy!

From George Eastman House.

FACT: Live Christmas trees have been sold commercially in the United States since 1850, with the first retail tree lot opening in New York in 1851. [Source]

Photo by Wade Brooks.

Photo by Wade Brooks.

FACT: 1.76 billion candy canes are produced in the United States each year. [Source]

Photo by Rakka.

Photo by Rakka.

FACT: The annual tally of candy-cane-spear-related fatalities and/or injuries remains undocumented at this time. My guess, however, is that most candy-cane-spear-related injuries are self-inflicted and, therefore, go unreported. [Source]

Photo by Ben McLeod.

FACT: The two weeks prior to Christmas are the year’s peak season for the break up of romantic relationships. However, if you can make it to Christmas Day, you’re home free! Statistically, Christmas Day has the fewest break-ups of any day all year. [Source]

Merry Christmas!

[The Factday Friday format is shamelessly ganked from LiveTheDayAway.]


My First Factday Friday: J Rabbit Edition

It’s Factday Friday – the (totally, probably) recurring Friday post structure that I’ve shamelessly ganked from Live the Day Away. However, whereas Catalina fills her Factday Friday with interesting, topical, socio-politically relevant news items; I will fill my Factday Fridays with whatever nonsense happens to strike my fancy. FACT.

FACT: J Rabbit is a South Korean indie music duo whom I just discovered this morning via the internets, and who have recorded this cover of the American Christmas classic Let It Snow to the delight of all.

FACT: J Rabbit has a song called “Happy Things” that, while incomprehensible to this non-speaker of Korean, is just about as happy as a thing can be.

FACT: In the following video, one member of J Rabbit plays the melodica.

FACT: The melodica is also sometimes referred to as a “pianica,” “blow-organ” or “key-flute.” [wiki]

Image via Hobgoblin Music

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