OOTD: Redrum

carpet from the shining outfit.png

Had a pretty shitty holiday in terms of my health. It turns out altitude sickness is extremely serious, potentially fatal, and fucking TERRIFYING.

So, today, I kicked off the new year and my road to recovery with follow-up visits to the doctor and a brand new therapist for my brand new altitude-sickness-near-death-related anxiety! Hooray! This dress and scarf combo featuring the carpet pattern from The Shining just felt right for the occasion. You know?

Anywho, pics and info behind the cut.

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Holiday Dressing, Part 1: Christmas

Holiday Dressing, Part 1: Christmas

Maybe you’ve noticed my love of Redbubble dresses (examples here, here, herehere, and here). Maybe you’d prefer to call it an obsession. Maybe you should stop judging and get off my back for once. Maybe you’re kind of jerk. Maybe you can fuck right off.

WAIT! WAIT! Don’t go. I’m sorry. Look! I picked out a whole bunch of Christmas-print dresses for you. 12 of them, in fact, for the 12 days of Christmas. Isn’t that cute? Forgive me and look at these awesome dresses!

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OOTD: Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving OutfitIf everything goes according to plan, I’ll be spending most of the Thanksgiving holiday in some variation of jammies – jammies with a jacket to go get some coffee, jammies with some slippers to head to the fridge, jammies and a blanket to catch up on some Netflix. Jammies with some jammies to sit and think about jammies. Jammies.

Anywho, I reckoned I should get a little dressing up in before jammies-gedon. I wore this yesterday to go pick up a turkey and gather provisions.

Outfit info and a closer look at this awesome Redbubble print behind the cut. 

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Matchy Matchy


After last week’s spot-on color matching of shoes to dress, I began to wonder what other items I own that might coordinate so perfectly. It turns out I have a lot of inexplicably, perfectly matching clothing items. How? Why? It can’t be that clothing/shoe/accessory manufacturers all collude to favor a given palette each season/year (despite what Pantone would have you believe) – many of these items were purchased several years apart. Is it simply that *I* favor particular colors? No way. That can’t be. I’m, like, a complex and ever-evolving woman whose tastes are informed by and are a reflection upon the zeitgeist… YEAH!

Or, I just really like blue.

[Vince Camuto dress, Bagatelle leather & tweed jacket, Baggu clutch, Donald J. Pliner platform sandals, vintage belt purchased on Etsy.]

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