Lah-Dee-Dah: Lavender Vanilla Whipped Mascarpone Cream

Vanilla Lavender Mascarpone Cream_mark.png

Sometimes I want to feel like a fancy lady, living a fancy life with fancy accoutrements and a fancy penchant for using words like “accoutrements” and “penchant,” which I fancily pronounce “ah-coo-trrrrruh-mahhhh” and “pawwwn-shawwwn,” respectively.

These are momentary lapses in an otherwise average daily life. But, when I get that itch, I scratch it. It was during just such an itch that I made this surprisingly lah-dee-dah-tasting lavender vanilla whipped mascarpone cream dessert thingie.

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You Don’t Win Friends With Salad

I’ve learned many of life’s greatest lessons from The Simpsons, and chief among them is this: You don’t win friends with salad. It’s a timeless truism with a catchy beat you can dance to:

For me, these were words to live by for the better part of two decades. But, things change. To paraphrase a different Homer: yet, taught by time, my heart has learned that maybe salads aren’t the worst. “Eating keto” has challenged many of my assumptions about food and its effects on my mind and body. So much so, in fact, that I find myself asking: Do I really need friends anyway?

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