OOTD: Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving OutfitIf everything goes according to plan, I’ll be spending most of the Thanksgiving holiday in some variation of jammies – jammies with a jacket to go get some coffee, jammies with some slippers to head to the fridge, jammies and a blanket to catch up on some Netflix. Jammies with some jammies to sit and think about jammies. Jammies.

Anywho, I reckoned I should get a little dressing up in before jammies-gedon. I wore this yesterday to go pick up a turkey and gather provisions.

Outfit info and a closer look at this awesome Redbubble print behind the cut. 

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So I Guess I Own a Vest


If there’s one thing I never thought I’d be, it’s a person who owns a vest. Growing up in the Texas panhandle, vests had fairly specific and unironic use cases: working at a hardware store, going to the rodeo, being a mom at Xmas. So, naturally, as I’m not particularly inclined toward any of these activities, I find myself genuinely surprised to be now in possession of a vest. Who am I? What have I become? And, what exactly do I do with this vest?

Today, I endeavored to answer all of these questions, but the first one turned out to be really hard and the second one kinda depended on answering the first. So, I settled on answering just this last question by attempting three separate outfits using my vest. “My vest.” What a strange and alien phrase. I’m glad I’m only typing it. I doubt I could speak it aloud.

Anywho, since I’m only a beginner at this whole wearing-of-vests thing, I elected to simplify the effort further by wearing the same boots with each outfit. And the same hair. And the same makeup. And no accessories. So… yeah, I kinda only switched out the dress each time. That still counts, right? C’mon, I’m learning.

How’d I do?

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Letting My Hair Down

RedFloralDressI have a habit of always putting my hair up in some sort of claw or clampy thing. I adopted it when I was taking public transit and/or walking to work all the time and just didn’t want my hair blowing in my face all willy-nilly. But, it’s gotten to the point where my hair is almost always up and that just needs to stop. Why even bother having such long hair if I’m just going to pile it on top of my head for none to see?

I’m going to make an effort to wear my hair down at least once a week. If I can’t do that, then I should probably just cut it short. Deal?

Anywho, wearing yet another Leota dress and another pair of Stuart Weitzman boots (this time with a wedge heel). Kinda felt like the print of the dress was too busy to add accessories, but perhaps a solid white scarf would have been a nice addition. Next time…

Big Plaid Scarf

Plaid Scarf

This scarf is ginromous. It is pretty much a blanket. It has its own zip code. Lesser scarves are trapped in its gravitational pull, only to be crushed, devoured, and absorbed into its own supermassive core. You do not wear this scarf, it wears you. It is also plaid.

In a bit of a hurry this morning. Wearing another Leota dress (I love Leota dresses… so comfy), Calvin Klein jacket, Stuart Weitzman boots (again), and a big plaid scarf from the oldest corners of the universe.

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