Fort Point v.1

Ben and I have recently started going to Fort Point/Crissy Field on the weekends. We walk around, watch the doggies playing on the beach and make up little stories about what the dogs are saying/thinking. “You’ll never catch me, losers! Wait, catch me!” Or, “Throw the ball, throw it, c’mon, throw the ball, omg throoooowwwww it.” Or “This water is so much colder than I expected. I regret all my life choices!”

I wonder whether people hear us and think we’re insane.

We just miss having a dog, you judgmental jerks. Dang.

Cyr Wheels in Golden Gate Park

Today, at the little blacktop skate park in Golden Gate Park, we encountered a group of people rolling around on what looked like giant metal hula hoops:

Little did we know that this is a TOTALLY LEGIT THING. How legit? It’s been on reality TV. So You Think You Can Dance, in fact:

The hoop is called a “cyr wheel” and appears to be the latest fancy-pants acrobatics apparatus. How fancy? Cirque Du Soleil fancy:

The more you know! You’re welcome, Internet!

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