Mariebee’s Awesome Xmas Playlist

Only a couple of days left to enjoy the tunes, but I thought I’d share my awesome xmas playlist with you. Mostly secular, older, jazzy/swing stuff but there are a couple more contemporary songs. Well, I guess the most recent addition is Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You, but, damnit, people just aren’t making good new xmas music.

Oh, wait… I guess there are a couple of South Park songs on here…

Please to enjoy.

Don’t Wait Too Long

A rainy afternoon, some hot cocoa, and a snuggly blanket would be pretty terrific right about now, but the weather continues to thwart my dreams with its relentless sunshine and warm temperatures.

How about, at the very least, a nice, little, autumn-y song from Blossom Dearie?

Danny Kaye

Though he was really more of a movie star and his music was recorded long before I was born, Danny Kaye’s singing is a sound that takes me straight back to middle school, when I used to stay up all night watching AMC (back when it was American Movie Classics and played American movie classics) for the Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Danny Kaye marathons.

Gamer and superfan of Fallout 3 that I am, it pains me that most of my contemporaries will know Danny Kaye, if they know him at all, as the guy who sang that super racist bongo song on Galaxy News Radio.

Two more songs behind the cut. 

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