One Red Dress, Seven Ways – Part Two!

1 red dress 7 ways, part 2

Apologies for the long delay. I very very honestly intended to post this second part in the red dress series the week immediately following the first post, but… stuff. Lots of stuff. Sickness and stuff. Booooo!


So, anywho, here’s part two of making outfits out of a single red dress. How do you think I did?


First, the red dress in question:

One Red Dress.png

I purchased this dress on Amazon for under $30! It arrived in two days! It has pockets! It’s machine washable! It’s “Fun to Wear!” 

Product Description: Fun to Wear

Amazon product descriptions never lie.


OUTFIT ONE: Never Again

red dress with dark denim jacket and bandana

This outfit reminds me of my ill-fated trip to Santa Fe. NEVER AGAIN.

What I Added:

  • Long bandana-print scarf –J.Crew
  • dark denim military jacket – Lauren Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales
  • gold metallic booties – Tipe E Tacchi on Yoox

OUTFIT TWO: Stop Trying to Make Spring Happen

red dress with floral top and yellow leather belt

It has been unseasonably (unreasonably?) cold in San Francisco. Do you think if I wear enough floral patterns I can make Spring come early? Fuck this weather, for reals.

What I Added:

  • pink floral print top – Zara
  • pink faux suede trench – Zara
  • yellow leather braided wrap belt – Ada
  • red leather sock boots with little stud thingies – Topshop

OUTFIT THREE: Once Again I Question Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion

red dress with sequin vest and black blazer

I am fucking ecstatic about daytime sequins being a thing.

What I Added:

  • black and multicolor paillette dress – H&M
  • black 3/4-sleeve blazer – Zara
  • black suede booties – Taryn Rose on RueLaLa

OUTFIT FOUR: Holiday Spirit

red dress with plaid shirt and

This outfit made more sense when I put it together back in December. I was going for “xmas tree.” I think I more or less pulled it off. Meh.

What I Added:

  • green plaid silk shirt – Equipment at Nordstrom
  • dark denim shell with frayed edges – Gap
  • green suede boots – I can’t remember the brand, but from Yoox

OUTFIT FIVE: Leopard and Zippers and Mesh. Oh my!

red dress with mesh undershirt and leopard vest

This feels like a very uncharacteristic “tough” outfit for me. I think I’d have to get myself psyched up just to put it on. Maybe play the Peaky Blinders Spotify playlist. More specifically, The Baddest Man Alive from The Black Keys and RZA:

Although, now I think I should have put black motorcycle boots with this instead of those fairly tame grey suede ones. They are inadequately badass.

What I Added:

OUTFIT SIX: I Guess I Like Grey

red dress with grey turtleneck and grey vest

I have a fondness for grey. What does that say about my personality? Anything? It’s just a versatile color. Don’t judge me.

What I Added:

  • grey heather tissue turtleneck – JCrew
  • grey crepe sleeveless trench – River Island
  • embroidered wrap belt – Gap
  • grey suede booties – Dolce Vita


red dress with faux leather jacket fur scarf and fur mittens

Not that kind of furry. The other one.

What I Added:

So, yeah. That’s part two. Revisiting it now after a few months, I’m less sold on this set than I was the first. But, I think it wasn’t half bad! Meh!

I hope to get back to blogging more regularly. Fingers crossed.

Hope you’ve been well.


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