OOTD: Redrum

carpet from the shining outfit.png

Had a pretty shitty holiday in terms of my health. It turns out altitude sickness is extremely serious, potentially fatal, and fucking TERRIFYING.

So, today, I kicked off the new year and my road to recovery with follow-up visits to the doctor and a brand new therapist for my brand new altitude-sickness-near-death-related anxiety! Hooray! This dress and scarf combo featuring the carpet pattern from The Shining just felt right for the occasion. You know?

Anywho, pics and info behind the cut.

the carpet from the shining

Play with us, Danny! Play with us forever!

carpet from the shining dress

Redbubble scarf and dress combo FTW.

scarf and hermes scarf ring

Ben got me a new scarf ring for xmas!

taryn rose booties

These booties are cute and functional! Comfy enough for hours of chasing your family around an isolated Colorado hotel in a murderous rampage. Gotta keep them toes toasty!

Outfit Info

Hope you had better holidays than I did! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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