We Are a Human Person & Other Exciting News

I am this human person…

follow me to certain doom

Hello, friends!

Once again we must beg your forgiveness for the prolonged absence. We’ve been busy in our “real” lives doing “work” for “money.” Such crazy times we live in!

Nonetheless, we thought we’d drop by to share some exciting news with you. First up, the truth must be told: We are a human person! Yes, despite the fact we consistently refer to ourselves in the first-person plural, we are a single, individual human person. We have a name. That name is “Marie Kare.”

Why share this information now or at all? It pertains to another piece of news: This Marie person entered our first book into the Robert and Adele Schiff Contest for Poetry and Prose. To our utter shock, our submission fared surprisingly well, and this Marie person (not “Certain Doom”) was named as a finalist!

We wanted to share our excitement and gratitude over our inclusion but…

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