Matchy Matchy


After last week’s spot-on color matching of shoes to dress, I began to wonder what other items I own that might coordinate so perfectly. It turns out I have a lot of inexplicably, perfectly matching clothing items. How? Why? It can’t be that clothing/shoe/accessory manufacturers all collude to favor a given palette each season/year (despite what Pantone would have you believe) – many of these items were purchased several years apart. Is it simply that *I* favor particular colors? No way. That can’t be. I’m, like, a complex and ever-evolving woman whose tastes are informed by and are a reflection upon the zeitgeist… YEAH!

Or, I just really like blue.

[Vince Camuto dress, Bagatelle leather & tweed jacket, Baggu clutch, Donald J. Pliner platform sandals, vintage belt purchased on Etsy.]

One response to Matchy Matchy

  1. the grad muse

    Oh, this happens so easily to those who are consistent in their color preferences! There are so many days, for instance, when I can leave the house dressed entirely in taupe.


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