Buying Stuff & Thinking About Buying Stuff

packed closet

Not my closet, but a reasonable approximation.

You know what always sounds like a really fun time? Buying stuff. You know what’s almost better than buying stuff? Thinking about buying stuff. I can spend hours just poring over shopping sites, flash sale sites, even just plain fucking Amazon. (I love you, Prime!)

Well, that’s got to stop. I have too much stuff. No one needs this much stuff. It’s ridiculous.

I’ve already begun working on it. Over the last few months, I’ve sold, given away, or thrown away dozens of giant bags of shoes and clothing. In fact, in a single week, I sold 17 pairs of shoes, the majority of which I had never even worn. That is completely absurd.

Culling my closet is the first step. Additionally, I’ll be making an effort not only to curb my purchase behaviors, but to reduce the time I spend simply looking at stuff and thinking about buying it. This will likely free up a good two hours of my day, every single day. Isn’t that kind of horrifying? Fuck.

To reinforce these efforts, I’ll also be starting yet another picture project – a sort of “item appreciation day” series of posts. There’s a familiar saying: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Well, if I put things in plain sight, will they become top of mind? If I make an effort to sort through all those items sitting unworn and forgotten in my closet, take pictures of them, and post those pics to this blog, my awareness of them will certainly increase dramatically. And then, perhaps I’ll be more likely to make use of them. And then, perhaps I’ll be less likely to feel the need to purchase new stuff.

It’s just so crazy it has to work!

And, it starts right now.

3 responses to Buying Stuff & Thinking About Buying Stuff

  1. the grad muse

    This is a brilliant idea — I’ve always valued having a ‘relationship’ of sorts with my possessions. I’ve had to move a lot during the last decade, which has made me something of a minimalist, but things always pile up, anyway. It feels so good to get rid of things! I actually envy you for having so many things to get rid of!


    • Marie the Bee – Author


      1) Thank you for using “something of a minimalist” instead of “somewhat of…” It drives me completely up the wall when people conflate the the phrases. Read a book, assholes!

      2) I have fantasies of paring down my life and adopting a minimalist approach, but OMG SHOES AND VIDEO GAMES AND STUFF.

      3) Just let me know if you’d like some stuff to get rid of. I have more than enough to go around. 😉

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