You know, I was really excited to wear this outfit and thought it was going to be so rad (TIGER PRINT!), but, as soon as I saw the pictures… ehhhhh. I think what’s bothering me is that it’s a much shorter dress than I would normally wear (I am scandalized by the appearance of my own knees!), and the white jacket just looks a lot boxier than it did in the mirror (oh, those filthy, lying mirrors!) Also, It looks like I’m flexing my big toes. I should probably paint those suckers, too.

I was really hoping I’d be better at this by now. 😦

But, hey, I’ve managed four straight weeks of outfit posts! That’s gotta be a new record for me!

[Wearing: Julie Brown dress, Eliza J jacket, Taryn Rose sandals, Hobo wristlet.]

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