My First Factday Friday: J Rabbit Edition

It’s Factday Friday – the (totally, probably) recurring Friday post structure that I’ve shamelessly ganked from Live the Day Away. However, whereas Catalina fills her Factday Friday with interesting, topical, socio-politically relevant news items; I will fill my Factday Fridays with whatever nonsense happens to strike my fancy. FACT.

FACT: J Rabbit is a South Korean indie music duo whom I just discovered this morning via the internets, and who have recorded this cover of the American Christmas classic Let It Snow to the delight of all.

FACT: J Rabbit has a song called “Happy Things” that, while incomprehensible to this non-speaker of Korean, is just about as happy as a thing can be.

FACT: In the following video, one member of J Rabbit plays the melodica.

FACT: The melodica is also sometimes referred to as a “pianica,” “blow-organ” or “key-flute.” [wiki]

Image via Hobgoblin Music

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